Benefits of multiple insurance carriers

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Benefits of California Earthquake Insurance coverage from multiple carriers

California Earthquake Insurance Coverage From Multiple Carriers

You live in the Golden State and have realized that a major earthquake will strike California in the next 30 years. Perhaps this warning could send shivers down the spine of anybody living in California, and you are no different. With a devastating tremor predicted for the Golden State, you have got to be prepared with earthquake insurance in California.You might be wondering how to save money on insurance, given the various rates for coverage. We understand insurance can be costly. But you can save money by shopping our multiple insurance carriers for earthquake coverage.

How Is Earthquake Insurance in California Important?

Think about the damage an earthquake can incur on you – from a devastated home to damaged personal contents that could cost you millions to replace. It is here that California earthquake insurance coverage can come to your rescue, so you can manage the costs to recover from a tremor.

Earthquake insurance covers repairs required due to damage to yourhouse. It may cover other structures that are not fixed to your dwelling. This includes a garage. With earthquake insurance, you can get coverage fordamages caused to your personal property from a devastating tremor. It may also cover the cost to remove the debris. Additionally, it may pay for any living expenses incurred while your property is being repaired.

Now imagine how would you pay for repair to your home in the absence of earthquake insurance in California? How much do you expect to lose if your property is damaged by a quake?

With an active earthquake insurance policy, it can help cover all these costs.

If you think your homeowners insurance policy would cover any earthquake damages, you may be seriously wrong. You need a separate coverage for protection against earthquake damages, whether you live in an earthquake-prone area or where quakes are not common.Some homeowners believe that the CEA (California Earthquake Authority) is the only carrier offering earthquake coverage. Not so! There are multiple carriers offering ‘Stand Alone’ coverage. (meaning, they sell the policy regardless of who carriers your homeowners insurance policy.)

Whether you live in Northern or Southern California, it is a good idea to buy earthquake coverage as a separate policy.

Affordable Earthquake Insurance From Multiple Carriers

Here are a few multiple insurance policy types:

  • Tenants-Available for renters to protect them from any damages or loss of personal property.
  • Home Owner – Available as a customizable coverage for properties worth any value.
  • Landlord – multiple deductible options to offset premium costs but protect equity in the rental.

You can get in touch with us for earthquake insurance in California, Washington and Oregon. We can connect you with multiple carriers for earthquake insurance coverage leaving all the work of shopping coverage to us. When your focus is on safeguarding yourself from property losses in an earthquake while simultaneously not breaking the bank, shopping with our multiple carriers can come to your rescue.

So what are you waiting for?

Our simple quote form will get indications from over 5 carriers that specialize in EQ insurance. Protect yourself today by applying for coverage for your home and personal property.



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